Monday, January 30, 2006


wanna know who's your movie star double? click here

mine would be angelina jolie.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

everything and nothing

it's not often that i go to internet cafe's. this is probably the second or third time, only to accompany my son, it could be a bonding moment. although, i don't know how exactly we can bond when he's busy with 'dota', whatever that is, while i'm now wrtining whatever comes into my mind. i'm not even sure if i'd come out with a coherent post.

i'm just passing time, no brilliant ideaa, no profound thoughts there. we've only got an hour to spend here, and i think we're already on our 45th minute. i already did some net surfing, read news, and had wished to play 'letter linkers' but the cafe did not install javascript so i couldn't play anything. shucks!!!

i'm not bored, but my mind's uhm... blank... pffft.

have started to write about hiv, fear of flying, wild swans, my clothes, and about a friend. none of which has found it's place in my blogspot, everything's unfinished. including this one.

oh alright, just checked with the management, we're still on our 38th minute... oh gosh, what will i do with the remaining 22 minutes? dum, dumd, dum,dum...

kai craved for stuffed crust pizza. i wanted to try 'heaven and eggs' in morato, but kai wouldn't eat at all (emotional blackmailer, this early, hmp) so that's it, i found myself lunching with him at pizza hut bistro and P800 poorer.

there goes the reminder, i've less than 10 minutes. ALREADY?!!!! that's odd.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Ate d mo nman ako
winarningan na may
unwanted creatur sa
pglabas ng gate.
Nanginginig tloy legs ko
nun nglalakad na ko dhil
sa pnghihina.



Wednesday, January 11, 2006

book's a company

now that i don't have a sex life (which i have yet to decipher whether it's a blessing, a curse or simply my destiny) and my son practically on his own i have more time for reading than ever before. i acquired several books the past yule season, all of which are gifts from friends and from myself.

1. The Third Reich - Michael Burleigh
2. Doctor Zhivago - Boris Pasternak
3. Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend - Robert James Waller
4. The Bridges of Madison County - ditto
5. Which Lie did I Tell? - William Goldman
6. Gulliver's Travel (unabridged) - Jonathan Swift
7. What Men Think About Sex - Mark Mason
8. Kokoro - Sosemi Natsume
9. Foucault's Pendulum - Umberto Eco

if i have to be consistent with my reading average of three books a month, i'll have a supply that would last me three months. but "The Bridges..." should be out of the wait list because i read it only recently. i just have this penchant for buying books that i've already read but would want to see in my bookshelves.

but i shouldn't worry about shortage for the succeeding months as i still have a good number of titles that are yearning for my attention, some of those have actually gathered dust because they remained untouched for months, years even. depending on my mood and interest they'd be permitted to jump queue before the bookworms get them.

waiting in line:

1. The Last Temptation of Christ - by an author whose last name sounds like Kazakhstan. acquired it december 2004 and started reading it straight away but had to stall in favor of the other books that i expected to be sequestered. and were actually sequestered.
2. Reading Between the Lies - a gift from kakai two christmases ago. or was it my birthday?
3. Son of the Circus - John Irving
4. The Pillars of the Earth - Ken Follet. i've read it 11 years ago but want to read it again.
5. Life in Palestine in the Time of Christ - forgot the author. my xmas gift to myself three years ago. I realized i need to keep a bible handy when reading it which i was able to finally buy july last year.
6. Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix - by you know who. i can wait till i see the trailer of the next potter movie or read it as soon as possible because i'm not sure how much longer i can keep the book in my possession. it was one of the books i expected would be taken out of my shelf but by an act of omission or commission i found it right where i left it...
7. Aristocrats of the Malay Race - by a Filipno author. not for entertainment
8. Cuckold - by an Indian author. bought this in india in 2002 as a present for kakai's father who took care of my kid while i was away. i didn't know what cuckold meant. i learned about its meaning last year, incidentally and ironically from romel. it was funny then, and it's funnier now that i'm thinking about it. i was dumbstruck when romel explained what the word denotes. that explained why my first ex didn't bring the book with him when he went back to his house. it was a puzzle to me, because he brought the other books i gave him.
9. Highwire Moon - Susan Straight
10. The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Victor Hugo


currently reading: wild swans three daughters of china by jung chang