Monday, March 31, 2008

last day

it's our last day of work. and i mean LAST. it isnt a weekend; we aren't going for vacation... it's the exodus of the staff... the stream of funds dried out and there's no new project yet in sight that can accomodate all of us here. i dont know if anyone has packed his or her things yet, no one seems want to go. i don't want to go.
only six months of work and i've come to like the office, the people here. it isn't a second home, like the one i had before, but there's a feeling of comfort i feel being here.

last day of work. leonard's still working to the very end because the computer he' s using seemed to understand that after today it will be left idling in the second floor for some time. ate remy's pc is also acting up, she said it's co-terminus with her job. sharon went home to put her baby to sleep but said she's coming back later for unfinished business. (i doubt if she could though, it's almost 9 pm here).

everyone anticipated a send-off party today but no one really got up to start the party . left-over chips from last week's gender and od workshop remain untouched, the beer ran out quickly though.
i'm not being sentimental, i'm not even feeling sad or sorry. i guess this means only one thing, it isn't yet goodbye and we'll be seeing one another again tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


On March 18, 2008 i drugged and dragged myself to work.... literally.