Friday, February 08, 2008

the interviewer got interviewed

i've lost track of the number of people i have interviewed in the course of doing my job as a researcher. having done it continually for 10 years now, i have mastered the art of establishing rapport so i could get them to answer intriguing questions with confidence and trust.

this time around it's my turn to be interviewed... by a six-year old. i would call it an ambush interview, complete with the element of surprise. she came unannounced with her mom and dad holding a piece of paper, her interview guide, and sat next to me while i was trying hard to finish the proposal i was writing.

i didn't seem to have any choice, i love the kid and enjoy her company. her dad (allan) started setting up two video cams, her mom coached her on how to start the interview.

confident i could pull it off and knowing the procedures i asked what was the objective of her interview. she told me it's a school project. when all was set, i asked allan and malou to leave so we could start.

the interview was about multiple intelligence, only three questions. irene did the interview by the number. first was my name, second was the type of intelligence i use for my job (intrapersonal and people smart, i said)

then came the ultimate question "what did you do to make a difference in this world?" uhhhh.... what????? malou came rushing and coached me "tell her your job." so i did. "i am a researcher." (by the way, irene only speaks english). she didn't mask the disappointed look on her face. "You did not answer my question," she exclaimed as she leaned back with exasperation, "I will repeat, what did you do to make a difference in this world?"

i wish i could just tell her to read my blog but then the camera was rolling... i made several attempts to explain to her in simplest terms what i do, but i fumbled each time i tried and had to yell "cut" but she would immediately retort, "there's no cut here".

the interview was over in 10 minutes, both of us shaking hands with relief. when she went to the room she told her mom, "oh mommy, this is the worst interview i've done. tita len kept saying 'cut'!"

allan, malou and i were laughing after my ordeal i went through with my interviewer. allan consoled me by saying i shouldn't worry because it may be the worst but i'm the only one she has interviewed so far.

but irene isn't over it yet... she said, "oh mommy, i think i'll get a B- in this project."


Thursday, February 07, 2008

disclaimer :-p

that's been the buzzword here at the office these days. we've been using it a lot. we know so well how not to start a presentation, but begin the wrong way still. it isn't the culture... but every one is in panic mode that on a certain day that one has to present his or her own work we just have to have an excuse for half-baked products.

first heard it from leonard "raw data pa lang ha, wala pang analaysis", then ron's ....hmmm, can't recall at the moment, i think it was "wala pa kong powerpoint.."...allan's "4:30 am ko to ginawa ha.." mine was "monthly period ko...ayaw gumana ng utak ko".

the delivery and body language are crucial. fan yourself with your hand... deliver the line in between chuckles... look straight into the eyes (three pairs of eyes at the minimum)... or pretend desperately searching for the right file stored in the laptop.

this early, leonard is thinking of another disclaimer for tomorrow's presentation. nyahahahaha. i know he told me what his opening spiel would be but i opted to forget it so that my riposte won't sound rehearsed. i wonder what his body language's going to be.

and ooopps, that reminds me... i need a disclaimer myself... "depressed ako, ubos na mascara ko" while rubbing my eyes. the perks of being the only female. how can they refute menstrual syndrome and vanity? nyehehehe