Thursday, April 30, 2009

some mental notes

i miss blogging, too many bloggable things to write about but too little time to sit down and type away the words. i'm noting some down just so i don't forget.

april 15-19 - wider role of a volunteer training. exhilirating experience, albeit most of the topics discussed were sort of just a review as far as i was concerned. ahh, that volunteer spirit, one of the trainers got me to play a role so remote from my personality. thething is, role playing is one of the training methodologies i despise. check the modules and manuals i designed.

april 28, tuesday - armed to the teeth and ready to snarl at any one in the university registrar's office at the slightest provocation. wisdom got the better of me, lashing an acerbic tongue was not a better option to handle the situation. plus, the soft but reassuring voice of the person who attended to my desperation calmed me and stilled my tongue.

afternoon, same day - tested negative of HIV again. it's not news at all.


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