Monday, November 06, 2006

ankle bracelet, etc.

paul wears ankle bracelet. it's not his fashion statement but he has to wear it 24/7 for a definite number of days. as of this post, he's got 11 more days to go before he's allowed to take it off. just can't go anywhere yet. :-)

patita's got rosy cheeks... new lease on life after blood transfusion... damn mosquitos scaring the shit out of all my family.

kakai heard mass yesterday, the power was cut off in the middle of the priest's homily which delighted kakai because he was starting to get bored. i asked if he prayed, he said yes, "i prayed all dengue-carrying mosquitos die" :-)

madhav figured in a car accident two weeks ago. his car toppled over, surprisingly he only suffered minor scratches. dont die without telling me or i'll kill you, ok?

julie sang again last week, she's getting her singing voice back which she supposedly lost after hysterectomy. :-)

i'm reconnecting with high school classmates and batchmates after 22 years. seeing their latest pictures i hardly recognize anyone... and i realize i didnt have a real bestfriend back then.