Thursday, September 01, 2005


ah, september na. at wala na kong maisip isulat. i'm simply elated at this very hour.

my life went downhill in the past few months because of the break up. year after year after year i have to face up to crisis that varies in intensity but crisis just the same. i'm not sure, but noticeably it comes with the rainy season. i thought i had already put an end to this cycle which i recognized some six or seven years back. as i think about it now the pattern continues but my ways of coping vary. fortunately, i still come out not unscathed but a better person each time.

whose life is always happy anyway? i realized everyone's cycle of life is like that, there tends to be a pattern of ups and downs. people deal with stresses and frustrations that may seem unbearable. and sometimes it happens that the gratifications are too little to compensate for the difficult times encountered. or sometimes they come in trickles that one can't recognize there are actually a lot of good things taking place.

not everything's settled yet, as far as the consequences of the separation are concerned. i wouldn't say the storm has completely passed. i still have a few more things in my list that i need to accomplish. but i'm picking up pieces of me. what's important to me now is i dared to die so i could come alive.

and as i had predicted things are gonna get better in september.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

things will get better when you learn to forgive. but then again there is the question of justice...

4:46 PM  

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