Monday, July 07, 2008

sue me

on my way to work this morning, i saw sidewalk vendors near LTO along East Avenue frantically snatched their wares and scampered to i-don't-know-where. a truckload of MMDA demolition men were coming to sweep the sidewalks clean of hawkers peddling assorted goods, from ballpens to cigarettes to banana cue.

it was a thrilling scene to watch if not for the expressions on the faces of those vendors, a mix of fear and anger, and probably of exasperation. they know this is one of those routines when MMDA would round them up in an attempt to keep Metro Manila sidewalks clean. needless to say that they could be taken into custody but would be released later in the day. the vendors are probably more concerned that the goods their selling would be confiscated, they would go home without dough to bring home to buy food for their families.

when i reached my destination i got off the jeepney and alerted the first two vendors i saw that MMDA people were coming. in a flash, they stuffed their goods in big bags and fled for safety.

i could just walk straight past them, leave them oblivious to what was happening a few hundred meters away and be caught surprised once the MMDA is already right in fron of them. but i wouldn't enjoy the rest of my day when i know that had i chose to be indifferent, a few more mouths would not be able to eat today.

so there, sue me.

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