Wednesday, January 09, 2008

puke or poke

him: do you plan to get drunk this evening or what?
her: no plans. just hang out with an old friend
him: i'd like to get drunk if i could
her: i don't like being drunk... because i puke every time
him: i get horny when i'm drunk.
her: men always do.
him: some women i know too
her: so do you like being drunk because you get horny? or do you like being horny that's why you get drunk?
him: neither. horniness happens while getting drunk, it's not the reason to get drunk. it's a side effect. don't you get horny when drunk?
her: nope. it's hard to be puking and fucking at the same time.
him: so, looking forward to that drink?
her: not the drink, just the company.
him: well you know the number to call if you get drunk and horny
her: there's a hotline for horny people?
him: of course. you get drunk and you call the horny hotline. prevents you from puking.
her: oh. so what's the number?
him: (grin)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice post, interesting. What happened next?

7:51 PM  
Blogger len said...

i heard the horny hotline has a clause of confidentiality. i'll tell you if i can break into their security system. ;-)

8:01 PM  

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