Monday, March 20, 2006

Good guys make me cry

Watching “Living with Fran” at Studio 23 while working late at home Sunday night (or maybe I should reverse the order of priority, it’s working while watching) made me cry. In spite of the divided attention, my eyes and hands on the laptop, my ears on the tv set and my mouth on nagging Kahlil to take a bath already, I couldn’t help my eyes getting misty. It was this sitcom, yeah a situation comedy (and you say it’s supposed to make viewers laugh) that I watch every Sunday – one thing I do religiously – that touches the sentimental part of me.

“Living with Fran” spins around a sort of blended family. Fran is a divorcee, she has the custody over her 15-year-old (I think) daughter, Allyson, cool and acerbic. Her teenaged son, Josh, suddenly moving in with her after dropping out of medical school was dismayed to find out that not only was his room turned into a gym but Fran has a boyfriend, Riley, half her age living with her. Everyone was cool about the arrangement except Josh. Anyway, that’s the initial telecast and the sitcom is supposed to revolve around that plot.

In tonight’s episode, Fran and Riley were to celebrate their anniversary, with dinner just for the two of them. Josh and Allyson were supposed to be out, so the two had the house all for themselves. And as sitcoms would go, romantic dinner turns into disaster. One after another Allyson and Josh came home. Fran was sending them away to a food court but Riley said they could turn it into a family affair instead and told Fran that they could have private dessert later. Then Fran’s ex, Ted, always with his impeccable timing to ruin Fran’s day or night, whatever, arrived and was invited to stay for dinner by Allyson. He got Riley’s seat. Over dinner there were lots of sarcastic exchanges among everybody except Riley who asserted his role as the man in the family. Whether he succeeded or not was another thing.

Private dessert was all set but Riley had already lost his appetite. He was slighted by the way Fran treated him in front of Ted and her children over dinner, when she disregarded Riley’s decision not to allow Allyson to watch a certain movie and allowed Josh to refer to him as just “my mom’s boyfriend”. Fran said something like, “it’s a family thing” which further insulted Riley; he walked out of the bedroom not touching the dessert. This is the part when I turned teary-eyed and felt a lump in my throat

Conflict was resolved after Fran, on the following day, took a doggie downer instead of a pain reliever, and blabbered in front of everyone (I’m making the story really short, I swear) making everyone know how they feel towards one another. In the end, Riley gave Fran an eyeglasses as an anniversary gift. That Fran wears glasses was a fact hidden from him by the entire family.

Riley is young, tall, handsome, romantic, sensitive, expresses his honest feelings, understanding, broad-minded, forgiving, mature and responsible guy. What moved me was exactly that. Fran’s lucky to have her....ER, HIM, HIM, HIM!!!! (hmmm, does he have a brother?).


Blogger click & crash said...

lucky to have her? who, allyson? :o)

11:33 AM  
Blogger len said...

ah,hehehe, talagang confused ako sa mga gender.

11:56 AM  

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