Tuesday, July 05, 2005

conversation with a child

last friday evening kai got a phone call from romel whom he still fondly calls daddy. first thing he asked was if romel was coming home. i supposed the answer was no. then he asked romel to watch 'war of the worlds' with us to which i instantly reacted against because i didn't want romel to be compelled to join us. it embarrassed me. next thing i heard was they were planning sunday lunch with romel. i didn't know if kai was asking my permission but i told him it was up to the two of them.

as soon as kai got off the phone he gave me a sharp and angry look. i asked why but he refused to talk to me. "was it something i said?" i asked. he shook his head. "was it something romel said?" a question that infuriated him more. then he finally broke off his silence, "bakit ka nagagalit kung niyaya ko si daddy na manood ng sine?" i had to explain that i wasn's angry but i felt uncomfortable with his invitation. but he wouldn't understand why so i just said sorry and let him feel his emotion. he went to bed without uttering another word while i stayed up till around 12 castigating myself for that boo-boo.

the following morning i woke up and saw him looking at me still with a long face. "go have some breakfast," i told him. he went down. after an hour or so he came back to our room and snuggled up with me. i knew his anger was over and i started to tickle him, the way i always do every saturday morning.

during lunch i told him we'd jsut watch the movie after the lunch with romel and that if his daddy wanted to join he was welcome.

kai: okay
me: so are you still angry with me?
kai: no
me: so why were you angry?
kai: it's okay now. nag-explain ka na. nagtickle na nga tayo kaninang umaga eh.
me: did you understand why i reacted that way?
kai: no. pero okay na. i forgive you.
me: so why do you forgive me now?
kai: i'm not angry anymore. gusto ko lang ma-feel mo what i feel when you don't forgive me pag may ginawa akong kasalanan. (looking at me) masakit di ba?

i smiled.

kai: mommy, ano nga ang to forgive sa tagalog?
me: patawarin
kai: yun, yon mommy. pinapatawad na kita. (he smiled then winked at me)
kai: ang sarap ng lunch natin no? parang breakfast."

we had sunny side-up, tuyo and dried pusit for lunch. but it was one lunch i enjoyed so much.


Blogger click & crash said...

baka ang dapat na title ay "conversation with a child who is fast becoming an adult". pero masyado yatang mahaba, kaya pwede na rin ang "CWACWIFBAD". :o)

1:02 PM  
Blogger len said...

hehe, that's a good one burns. sige, sa sunod na kwento. madami pa yon eh.

5:58 PM  

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